Laminate Flooring

You can choose from a huge number of options when it comes to flooring. Homeowners would typically go for the kind that matches their property’s existing decor or what fits their budget. Although the most common and typically heard of are hardwood, vinyl, ceramic, and stone floors, laminate flooring is also thriving alongside these popular choices.

Laminate flooring has been around since 1977, and it’s now increasing in popularity. It is an inexpensive functional flooring, making it an excellent choice for everyone, especially those clinging to their budget. The demand for this flooring type has skyrocketed due to its quality improvements derived from the advancements in flooring technology and its manufacturing process.

Aside from our premiere quality Durham laminate flooring, we have our professional flooring experts and installation team who can assist you anytime when it comes to selecting and installing. On top of all that, they are willing to share their insights about laminate flooring so you can decide better.

If you want affordable yet high-quality flooring, Right Step Flooring is the best Durham, NC laminate flooring provider. We would be glad to serve you and turn your floor into a magnificent work of art.

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Wonderful group of people: helpful, knowledgeable, and efficient. Lucas is phenomenal- always on top of it so that our project moved along smoothly. He had great recommendations and understood what we were trying to accomplish. Definitely I recommend and will use “Right Step flooring” for future projects.

Edi Camarota

Lucas was professional, responsive and did a great job buffing out lots of scratches on our 17 yr-old floors and re-coating. Would highly recommend.

Betsy Wiedenheft

Lucas and his team installed a tile floor in our kitchen. They did a fantastic job. I would definitely recommend them!

Jodie Buckler

Top Laminate Flooring Provider

As the top Durham laminate flooring provider, we don’t just provide and deliver, but we also innovate. We aspire to provide our patrons with a better quality laminate flooring now and then.

Together with our manufacturing staff, our professional flooring experts have studied the basics of laminate flooring to come up with an improved version for our clients to enjoy. Our design and installation team at Right Step Flooring are the best in their respective fields. They have been professionally trained and are now adequately equipped to finish your laminate flooring project successfully.

When it comes to choosing your home or property materials, remember that it’s not only about aesthetics. At Right Step Flooring, our laminate flooring experts will share some insights as well as pros and cons in choosing the kind of flooring you wish to have. We will be with you during the selection process up until the installation of your dream floor, making sure that everything is right where it’s supposed to be.


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