Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood remains the top pick for flooring among homeowners. With the durability it offers, it surely is the go-to flooring material that ensures a long-lasting life. It is a great investment for anyone’s home because of its long-term value. Homeowners have been utilizing hardwood for the floors of their homes due to the incomparable beauty it endows. Every wood plank has warmth and unique styling that increases home value.

Right Step Flooring is the only Durham hardwood flooring provider with A+ quality graded wood. We have been offering quality materials and exceptional hardwood flooring services like installation, repair, maintenance, and regular check since the time of our establishment.

If you want flooring that yields a higher chance of being sold to potential buyers in the near future, hardwood flooring is the best option for that. However, even if you have no plans of selling your house, you can still enjoy the benefits of your hardwood floor in the comfort of your home.

Here at Right Step Flooring, our team of hardwood flooring experts will assist you in selecting the best variety of hardwood floor that is fitting and safe for your home. Aside from that, we also offer installation, repair, and restoration services. As a full-service company, our clients can expect nothing short of the best service that caters to all of their hardwood flooring needs.

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Wonderful group of people: helpful, knowledgeable, and efficient. Lucas is phenomenal- always on top of it so that our project moved along smoothly. He had great recommendations and understood what we were trying to accomplish. Definitely I recommend and will use “Right Step flooring” for future projects.

Edi Camarota

Lucas was professional, responsive and did a great job buffing out lots of scratches on our 17 yr-old floors and re-coating. Would highly recommend.

Betsy Wiedenheft

Lucas and his team installed a tile floor in our kitchen. They did a fantastic job. I would definitely recommend them!

Jodie Buckler

Diverse Options for Hardwood Floor

Minimal scratches are inevitable. However, there’s a way to “hide” that and make your hardwood floor seem new and blemish-free through the style you intend to purchase.

Hardwood flooring with a high degree of graining is suitable to cover possible scratches and dents produced by your pets or kids at home. For camouflaging, we use red oak species and hickory. We even offer a wider color variation with wood floors made from the latter. Right Step Flooring also offers light-colored hardwood floor choices that are good in concealing scratches and scrapes. This set of selection is composed of modern-styled natural and airy shades of wood that are fit for every home, even with kids around.

For light woods, we use the following wood species: maple, oak, bamboo, and pine. On the other hand, we use cherry, walnut, mahogany, and hickory for dark tones.

Right Step Flooring takes pride in our source of high-quality wood. All of our materials and products are produced domestically, giving life to the local business in our area. If you are one of those people who support and go for local products, this is the right place for you to inquire. But if you want exotic ones, we also have mahogany, bamboo, and Brazilian Cherry, and Walnut, among others.

Regardless of the type you select, Right Step Flooring guarantees that only the best quality will be delivered to you.


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